Vaccination Centres (COVID 19)

COVID-19 Vaccination Centres Volunteering

These roles offer opportunities to volunteer either indoors or outdoors, supporting people attending one of the vaccination centres across Hertfordshire, West Essex, Luton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. 

Volunteer Steward - Ushering and Patient Flow (Mainly outdoor)
Supporting the smooth arrival onto the site of people coming for vaccination,

Volunteer tasks will include: 

  • Directing people arriving to the relevant entrances 
  • Checking appointment paperwork
  • Identifying people who may require additional support, such as a carer/chaperone, additional language support etc, and directing to the appropriate site staff. 

Front of house Volunteer (Mainly indoor)
Meeting and greeting people arriving at the centre for vaccination.

Volunteer tasks will include: 

  • Verify citizens' booking confirmation and paperwork and allocate an individual vaccination number using a barcode scanner or other technology devices provided. 
  • Maintain accurate records and ensure strict data and patient record confidentiality. 
  • May need to provide citizens with relevant information materials (e.g. leaflets) and offer a brief explanation of the steps prem during and post - vaccination that the citizens need to be aware of. 

Volunteer tasks for all roles

  • Ensuring that social distancing guidelines are respected.
  • Coordinating with other team members to ensure the site doesn't become overcrowded at any point in the process. 
  • Following health and safety, safeguarding and confidentiality guidance and training. 
  • Raising and seeking support from appropriate site staff with any issues that may arise. 
  • Answering patient queries and address any concerns in the waiting areas. 
  • Provide additional informational support to the citizens, presenting them with relevant details about the vaccination, adverse reactions and process.
  • Confidently convey NHS messaging on the vaccination in line with national guidelines.
  • Respond to any citizen queries and concerns and escalate any issues to the supervisor.  
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This opportunity is managed by various NHS organisations, including Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust.

Volunteers will be coordinated by Communities 1st and charity partners. 

Volunteers will be able to access the following support from NHS organisations:

  • Site-Specific induction/briefing 
  • Site contact person for support and guidance 

Volunteers will be able to access the following support from Communities 1st:

  • Telephone and email support at all times during your volunteering
  • Scheduling on shifts support, including access to your own online volunteer dashboard.
  • Reimbursement of any travel expenses and hand sanitiser costs incurred whilst volunteering. 
  • Access to guidance of safeguarding, Confidentiality, Health & Safety, First Aid and Inclusion & Diversity.

All volunteers will be covered by Communities 1st policies and procedures.

None of these roles currently require a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check but as it involves supporting in a healthcare setting this may change. If you don't already have a DBS check and a role requires it, we will arrange this for you.

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Communities 1st COVID-19 Volunteering Guidance

We want all volunteers to feel safe and enjoy making a positive contribution. We ask all volunteers to follow these simple steps to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Look After Yourself

  • If you, or any members of your household, have any coronavirus symptoms you should not do any volunteering. Instead, you should call or email us as soon as possible so we can cancel your volunteering and offer you any support you might need.
  • Please wash your hands thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds) before and after carrying out your volunteering activity to help minimise any risk of infection.
  • Only carry out tasks that have been agreed by Communities 1st. It is important you do not offer any additional support without discussing this with us first. If you are in any doubt please give us a call.
  • Make sure someone knows your whereabouts at all times - ideally a friend or family member. Ask them to contact Communities 1st if they have any concerns about your safety.
  • Don’t take on too much. Every little helps. If you find that you are no longer able to continue your volunteering that’s fine. Just let us know. You don’t need to be a hero!
  • If you need any help - just ask!

Look After Others

  • If you have any concerns about someone’s welfare don’t try to handle the situation yourself. Pass on any concerns to Communities 1st as soon as you can so we can take the appropriate action.
  • If a situation feels risky, it probably is. Call off your volunteering and contact Communities 1st straight away.
  • Keep people’s personal information and circumstances confidential so as not to compromise their safety. Do not share people’s details with friends and family or on social media.
  • Do not offer advice unless you are trained to do so. Sometimes well-meaning advice can lead to negative consequences.
  • If someone offers you a gift please politely decline it informing them that Communities 1st has instructed you to do so.

What skills do I need?

Skills and qualities for these roles:

  • Ability to communicate in a calm and professional manner
  • Ability to follow health and safety instructions and to seek support where needed
  • Ability to volunteer as part of a team
  • Compassionate 
  • Reliable 


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