Phillimore Community Centre

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Click to see it on Google Maps: Phillimore Community Centre, Phillimore Place, Radlett, WD7 8NN.

A range of activities are run from Phillimore Community Centre where you can find something for everyone.

Phillimore Community Centre is a hall in Radlett that is perfect for meetings, events, clubs and classes with a fully equipped kitchen and disabled facilities receptions.


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Phillimore Community Centre

Welcome to Phillimore Community Centre

The hirer agrees not to exceed the maximum permitted number of people per room (this figure includes helpers and performers) and on no account shall this figure be exceeded. The hirer is responsible to ensure this is the case.

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Prices are formulated below

Venue Hire (per hour) Discounts available for ½ and full day bookings Members Associate / Non-members
Aberford Community Centre - Bowling Rinks £2.50 £3.50
Aberford Community Centre - Main Hall (before 6pm weekdays)  £25 £30
Aberford Community Centre - Main Hall (after 6pm / weekends) £30 £36
Aberford Community Centre - Office £10 £15
Community Shop - Back Room £5 £12
Community Shop - Hot Desk £2.50 £5
Farriers Way - Office £7.50 £10
Farriers Way Training / Meeting Room (12 people) £15 £18
Farriers Way Hall (before 6pm weekdays) £22 £26
Farriers Way Hall & Kitchen (after 6pm / weekends) £25 £30
Organ Hall & Kitchen (before 6pm weekdays) £18 £24
Organ Hall & Kitchen (after 6pm / weekends) £24 £30
Windsor Hall & Kitchen (before 6pm weekdays) £18 £24
Windsor Hall & Kitchen (after 6pm / weekends) £24 £30