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Communities 1st (previously the CVS for St Albans and District, Community Central St Albans, Community Hertsmere, Broxbourne & East Herts Volunteer Centre, and Hertsmere Community Transport) is a membership organisation, dedicated to supporting the Voluntary, Community, Faith, CIC, Social Enterprises and small-medium sized Businesses based or working in the districts of St Albans and Hertsmere. 

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By becoming a member of Communities 1st, you will be able to access specialist, professional advice, training and support that will help your organisation to thrive.  So become a member today and take advantage of all that we have to offer:

  • Specialist Volunteering Support
  • Specialist Funding Advice and Support
  • Professional Representation within the Sector
  • Help and Guidance with Managing your Organisation
  • Free and Discounted Training and Events
  • Plus access to our discounted services

Individuals and Not-for-Profit Organisations                 CIC, Social Enterprise and Business Sector

Annual income less than £20,000  £30 Within two years of operating  £30
Annual income more than £20,000  £60    Annual turnover less than £20,000     £60
Non-member fee for advertising  £15      Annual turnover over £20,000  £100

If you would like to speak to one of the team or would prefer to receive a paper copy of our membership form, please do get in touch by emailing or calling 020 3559 3559.

Our Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

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We offer a range of services to benefit local voluntary organisations and community groups.  Some of our services might involve providing organisational details given above (and any permitted personal names given in the Contacts section) to third parties.  This is usually the public or people from other agencies who contact us for information, use any printed directories we produce or visit our website.  We will provide these services to you unless you tell us that you DO NOT require them.  If you DO NOT require us to provide some or all these services please tick the relevant boxes below.